Interxion Netherlands

Interxion Netherlands

ICT - Datacenters

Tupolevlaan 101
1119 PA Schiphol-Rijk
Tel. (020) 8807-700


Interxion Netherlands is a leading provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral colocation data centre services in Europe. We support over 1,300 customers through 33 data centres across 11 countries, enabling these customers to securely deliver mission-critical applications and content to end consumers, with excellent response time performance.

Our state-of-the-art data centres provide space, power and cooling with reliability and performance that goes beyond industry standards.


Our head office is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and we operate in the major metropolitan areas of Europe including London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam. We locate our data centres close to city centres and ensure they have excellent power availability and connectivity. We house more than 450 carriers and Internet service providers and 18 European Internet exchanges.

By colocating their IT infrastructure with us, our customers can cut both capital and operational costs while improving application performance, achieving increased business flexibility and realising the value of community membership.

Vision & History

We are a leading European provider of carrier-and cloud-neutral data centre services, focused on delivering value to our customers by building profitable communities of interest that enable revenue growth and by being responsive to our customers’ needs.

We support the requirements of customers in a range of sectors including cloud, communications, digital media and financial services, as well as systems integrators and enterprises.

We will continue to offer outstanding customer service and deliver exceptional data centre performance. We will maintain our leadership in data centre design, construction, ongoing operation, maintenance, sustainability and management, embracing innovation to ensure our data centres are state-of–the-art.

We develop communities of interest (or ‘hubs’), where like-minded businesses can come together in our data centres: the close proximity of their infrastructures driving greater performance, lower costs and enabling customers to build closer business relationships, faster, and more profitably.

Because we remain neutral across carriers, different cloud solutions and platforms, we can offer our customers a wide choice of connectivity providers and cloud platforms to give the flexibility, performance and cost efficiencies needed in today’s market.

We are committed to sustainability in all our data centres, and are always looking for new ways to optimise energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and cut waste.

Established in 1998, we’ve expanded rapidly to create 33 data centres in 13 cities across 11 countries, giving us the largest reach across Europe enabling you to access more than 75% of the EU GDP. We have more carrier-neutral data centres in Europe than any other provider and we also lead in connectivity, with over 450 carriers having a direct presence in our data centres.

In 2011 we were publically listed on the New York Stock Exchange and also established our Indirect Channel Programme in the US.

The success of our approach is reflected in our financial record. Since 2006 we’ve enjoyed 22 consecutive quarters of growth in organic revenue and EBITDA, despite the most severe economic downturn in decades.