Peak season is here! 5 Quick tips for brands

Annabel FayChannelEngine 8 december 2021
As holiday spending returns to pre-pandemic levels, one thing is very clear: things have changed, and work is needed for online retailers to successfully match new customer expectations. This article examines the various challenges of the 2021 holiday season for sellers and gives 5 top tips to address these and optimize your brand’s holiday season sales performance.

Keeping your promises – amid switching loyalty

Widespread supply chain issues have led to limited transportation capabilities across the globe. As a result, it’s critical that you only promise customers what you can actually deliver.

When promises can’t be met, remain transparent and forthcoming with communications. Loyal customers are hard-won, so every effort should be made to retain their custom.

Focus on the post-purchase experience

Give your consumers a special shopping experience by focusing on the post-purchase experience. Once an order is placed, try to create a special ‘moment’ for the customer with intentional messaging throughout.

Focus on growing your brand reputation by integrating back-end systems with personalization. By providing personalization and self-service, you enhance customer experiences.

Optimize channel performance

Make sure each and every sales channel is optimized. All orders should be synchronized with your inventory and ERP to streamline sales, and pricing should be optimized. Dynamic pricing tools will easily maximize your margins automatically.

Also, ensure all available stock is online, to reduce discounting in 2022. Product descriptions and images should be up-to-date and optimized. This maximizes visibility for the busy holiday season and helps you reach untapped customers.

Finally, determine KPIs and how these are tracked. Be transparent, with up to 3 key metrics, and assess them in 2022.

Achieving employee alignment

Get your employees aligned around the key performance metrics. Bring them into brainstorming sessions about how to meet peak demand. Empower them to post on social media, make decisions on refunds and exchanges, and solve complex cases to enhance customer satisfaction.

Anticipate extended demand

As consumers start to feel more financially secure, they will also demand more: More experiences, more flexibility, and more ‘meaning’ from their interactions. To cope with this, make sure your back-end systems are integrated, so order/fulfillment systems can quickly meet customer demands when they emerge.

According to McKinsey, “as holiday shopping ramps up—and supply-chain issues persist—forward-looking retailers are already doing things differently.” In other words, the savviest brands and retailers are already preparing for the unexpected.

To cope with the unpredictable, it’s vital that you leverage both stock and employees to provide exceptional customer experiences. It’s possible to thrive in challenging times by remaining agile, getting creative, and keeping promises – to keep them coming back.

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