The Marcom guide on Owned, Earned, Paid & Shared Media

Marcom professionals have never been given so many tools to work with, as well as to understand the effects of their work. Yet, their jobs have never been as challenging as today.

Over the last couple of years, you have probably encountered those circular infographics displaying how much is happening online within a minute. While the calculation methods are rather unclear, the trend seems to point in one direction: a LOT of content is created each minute, let alone each day, and the amount increases year after year.

By 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day, globally. This is, approximately, 463 billion Gigabytes, in one day. This number is so ridiculously high that it is impossible to conceive how much information it represents without risking a headache.

Long-story-short: it is getting increasingly difficult for businesses to make their voices heard and stand out of the crowd. A couple of years back, all you needed to gain online visibility was to create social accounts and share content, without a thorough strategy. Nowadays, most businesses have some sort of a social media presence and just being there doesn’t cut it anymore. To succeed in promoting your business online, you need to understand and master all the communication channels at your disposal. Until recently, marketing professionals had to juggle with 3 defined communication channels: owned, earned, and paid media.

 With the arrival of social media platforms, we’ve seen a new channel emerge: shared media. Each one of those channels serves a specific purpose and requires a specific approach.

We created a comprehensive guide where you’ll learn what each channel is about, how to leverage them best, as well as how to measure your performance. You can find it here.

We have also included many testimonials and advices from professionnals at Hubspot, Uber, Airbnb, Social Chain and PRMoment who rely on these strategies daily!


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Patrick Bolle is New Business Director bij Meltwater.

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