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Lab Digital

IT Services and IT Consulting
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Lab Digital b.V.

Reykjavikstraat 1

3543 KH Utrecht

Telefoon: +31(0)85 060 39 80

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About Lab Digital

Lab Digital has over 15 years of experience in digital and eCommerce. Innovation is in our blood, and we always strive for world-class quality. Our team of 35 technical and creative specialists will design, build, and run your bespoke digital product. Working as your strategic delivery partner, we help boost your growth with cutting-edge technology.

User experience (UX) is our bread and butter. We focus on the end user, with the customer journey as a driving factor for all of our projects. Our development activities are complex and scalable, with an emphasis on Python, Go, React and React Native.

We deliver: e-commerce platforms, native applications, complex automation solutions, consultancy on UX or technological architecture. We are specialised in the rollout of scalable cloud architecture and Amazon Web Services partner.