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Keen Design

2e Korte Baanstraat 7
3581 BZ Utrecht
+31 30 214 80 24


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Keen Design is a UX design agency and currently there are 25 people working with us. We used to be called Stroomt interactions. We changed our name, because we started a sister company in Germany.

You engage Keen Design when you’re working on a complex project and you need mature designers to get the job done. The doers that think, the people that have worked in projects for all the tax-payers in the Netherlands. Projects where clients go public and need digital support. Projects in which your software company’s flagship product needs to be redesigned. Projects in which the design is a direct result of your business case.

Plumber versus handyman We are capable of all that, because we have done those types of projects for our clients. Since the founding of our company in 2003 our people have gained a great deal of experience doing those types of projects. In which we are the plumber and not the handyman. We work with specialists. And we have them in specific domains; people that focus on banks and insurers and not on a project for the next intranet of the Dutch Social Security Offices. We have those specialists, too, by the way.

The designers that are needed for those kinds of challenges are mature professionals. Professionals that are capable of involving stakeholders effectively when creating a product. And with each and every product we put the users center forward. We owe that to our mission: Improving people’s lives by designing valuable digital products.

Culture That makes our people the very image of our culture: independent, professional, but with open and social personalities. Someone you can do a scrum meeting with in the morning and drinks in a social setting later in the day. Our designers are all highly educated and are used to challenge in projects, as opposed to “yes, sir, no sir”​. But they’re also self-critical, working on their personal development and excellent colleagues.