Bank Mendes Gans

Bank Mendes Gans


Herengracht 619
1017 CE Amsterdam
P.O. Box 198
1000 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: 020-5235311


Bank Mendes Gans is the only bank in the world to engage exclusively in liquidity and information management solutions for multinationals. We operate a bank-independent model and we handle most of the world’s convertible currencies.

Dutch roots – global reach

Bank Mendes Gans, a member of the ING Group, was founded in Amsterdam in 1883. Through the years we have been known for our high-quality customized services. We specialize in liquidity and information management for international companies. Our clients achieve significant benefits by entrusting their liquidity management processes to us.

We don’t compete with your local banks – we cooperate with them

We work multi-currency, multi-country and multi-bank. This allows for a smooth implementation of your liquidity management strategy. Especially if your company has decentralized management, subsidiaries in different countries, different legal and tax regimes, and a large number of bank accounts, bank relationships and banking systems. As we offer overlay solutions on top of existing local bank infrastructure, there is no need to change banks.

Vintage bank – latest technology

We made an early entry into electronic banking. Ever since we have been committed to developing state of the art technology, stretching the boundaries of ICT to provide innovative solutions. And we will continue to do so.

High-level expertise – hands-on support

We are a recognized and dedicated player in our field. We believe in hands-on solutions for our customers, innovation in technology and stringent internal controls. Our international staff is knowledgeable and ever ready to help. We will fly out to you whenever necessary, wherever you are.