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Xebia Group 

Laapersveld 27

1213 VB Hilversum

T. 035-538 1921

Email: info@xebia.com

Our Identity

Xebia explores and creates new frontiers in IT. We provide innovative products and services and strive to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs.
We turn new technology trends into business advantages. As mainstream frontrunners, we create new IT solutions and build the future with our customers.
Customers choose Xebia for our innovative solutions, technological depth and craftsmanship.
True knowledge workers find Xebia to be an inspiring place to work where they are challenged by peers.


We believe in the power of individuals working together with a clear focus and value the human size of things.
We structure ourselves in independent, intimate working cells and business units to capture the intellectual energy of our fellow Xebians.
These cells grow organically based on the passion of each member. Together, they create a tight network of coherent and complementary businesses.

Xebia Group consists of six specialized companies: Xebia Services, Xebia Training, XebiaLabs, StackState, GoDataDriven and Xpirit.
With offices in Amsterdam and Hilversum (Netherlands), Paris, Delhi, Bangalore and Boston, we employ over 600 people worldwide and generate over $75 million in revenue. Our services and product solutions are clustered around Continuous Delivery/DevOps, Agile, Full Stack Development, Big Data & Science, Cloudification and Data Centre Automation.

Xebia Services – Over 450 of our employees in the Netherlands, France, India and the United States are devoted to providing exceptional, specialized consulting services through five business units: Agile Consulting & Transformation, Test Automation, Continuous Delivery, Data Centre Automation and Full Stack Software Development. We even have a small group of passionate “Cargonauts” who specialize in microservices and technology deployment.

Xebia Training – We offer a complete training program on Agile, DevOps/CD, Big Data, Data Science, Full Stack Development and Testing in a range of technologies, including Scala, Docker and JS.

XebiaLabs – We provide the latest technology Deployment, Release and Test Automation solutions for start-ups, technology vendors and prominent corporations, including: EMC, Apple, Nike, Macy’s, AMEX, Electronic Arts, the FED, PayChex, Pitney Bowes, Digital Globe, Duke Energy, Expedia, GE, John Deere, KLM Airlines, Nordea Bank, KLP Bank, German BundesBank, RaboBank, Rolex, Societe General, TD Ameritrade, UK MetOffice, Thomson Reuters, Vattenfall, CLSA HongKong, RBC, Bol.com, Dexia, Nataxis, Allianz.

StackState – Real-time insight into the run-time status, dependencies and state of all business processes, applications, services and infrastructure components. Gain immediate insight into the cause and impact of any change or failure from the hardware level to the business process level and everything in between. StackState integrates existing information from data, DevOps, monitoring or incident management systems already available within your organization. ING Bank and BinckBank are launching customers.

GoDataDriven – A Premier Cloudera Hadoop certified training partner, we provide in-depth Big Data technology engineering and Data Science services. We gather user interaction data using Divolte, a scalable clickstream data platform. Divolte can be used as the foundation to build anything, from basic web analytics dashboarding to real-time recommender engines and banner optimization systems.

Xpirit – An expert Microsoft technology consultancy focused on Application Lifecycle Management/Continuous Delivery and Azure Cloud transformation services. Xpirit employs a large number of Microsoft Regional Directors and MVP’s.