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The IT Channel Company

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The IT Channel Company

The IT Channel Company is a group of companies with relevance to channel enablement, value added distribution and cloud solutions. Together with our 130 employees in several offices, we deliver services in 14 European countries. Our 1500% growth over the past 3 years has been achieved by the team by:

  • focusing on business improvement for our partners and customers
  • doing the right investments and innovations at the right time
  • using our experience in a way that partners and customers can lower their costs and increase their business.

Market trends

It’s interesting to see that much of Gartner’s 2014 view of the future of enterprise IT is built on the foundations of mobile development, data sharing and collaboration, social media and cloud-based applications. Even more interesting still is that, in the realm of today’s application platforms, that vision of the future is a reality already in 2015. Those trends and changes are having big impact on many players in the market. Vendors are dealing with a very big channel of which the majority isn’t fully cloud-ready yet. This creates a huge demand for consultancy and value added services to help those vendors and their channel-partners in this transformation.


On top of this we see also a huge change in buying behavior of customers investing in IT. They even don’t want to invest, but they want to consume! Buying journeys are totally different and at least 70% of the journey is anonymous through the internet. Which means that online-presence and marketing are getting more important than sales: Marketing is the New Sales!


Those changes in marketing and sales are as well requiring services for vendors and their channels to get ready for the next generation of buyers.

The last decades mainly point solutions like ERP, CRM, HRM and Office have been dominating the market. But the market in reality is supported better with real seamless integrated solutions. A growing number of providers is recognizing this and brings business-solutions to the market which are addressing many of those domains.

Customers are expecting solutions which they can consume based on need. Those customers are expecting low-touch implementations which is creating a big change in our industry. Repeatability is key and the IT-sector needs to get ready for those developments.


The IT Channel company support vendors and their channel with enablement, value added distribution services and cloud solutions to accelerate their business.