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TecLine International BV

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1105 BJ Amsterdam

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TecLine. Your projects demand professional technical staff of proven quality. Finding these people is a critical factor in your success. As specialists in the flexible deployment of professional technical personnel, TecLine will be delighted to take this worry off your shoulders. Working with TecLine gives you access to a pan-European network of professionals with a thorough knowledge of their field, ensuring that you can find trained and experienced technical staff wherever and whenever you need them.


Whatever the scope or complexity of the project, we can help at every stage as you fill your temporary technical vacancies: advising, recruiting, selecting and assisting. If you are involved in construction, metalworking, installation or electrical work, if you are putting together a multidisciplinary team, whether you are looking for 2 workers or 200, you’ll do better with TecLine.

We are supplier of technical staff to industrial companies in Europe. We supply trained and experienced professionals in the electrical, metalworking, construction and installation sectors. They are deployed in teams working on projects in petrochemicals, shipbuilding, heavy industry, infrastructure, utilities, new-build construction and manufacturing. As an experienced partner in the supply of technical personnel, we support our clients with customer and project specific solutions.

Our services
As specialist in professional technical staff, TecLine supplies around 400 workers every day to a variety of medium to large industrial enterprises. With the demand for personnel tied closely to the fluctuations in their project portfolio, these businesses have opted to hire in an element of their staffing requirement from external sources. TecLine thinks along with clients about the most effective ways to deploy their hired-in personnel. This is the added value TecLine brings to the temporary staffing process.

Experienced technical professionals
We supply experienced professionals resident within the EU who have completed an appropriate technical training. Our technical staff are deployed on projects in the Netherlands, but also in other EU countries like Germany, France and Spain.

Active across Europe
TecLine was initially founded as a response to the systematic decline in the availability of technical staff in the Netherlands. This is due to the reduced intake into training establishments, as well as the country’s aging population. TecLine therefore recruit from those European countries which are more than adequately provided with trained technical workers. Most recruitment takes place in countries which still maintain a technical college system. TecLine has its own recruitment offices in various European countries.

Our certification
We set demanding technical requirements for ourselves. We see quality as an essential element of our service provision. The bodies providing us with certification for our activities are therefore of major importance to us. They are able to assess our structure and our ways of working in a detached and objective manner. We are therefore understandably proud of the certification we hold.