Simon Loos

Simon Loos

Logistics and Supply Chain
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Simon Loos bv
Tender 2
1687 JB Wognum

Postbus 15
1687 ZG Wognum
Telefoon: (0229) 50 20 00

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Since its founding in 1938, Simon Loos has become a leading logistics service provider with extensive knowledge and experience in providing a total logistics package. A fast, flexible and versatile service provision in the field of transport throughout the Benelux is made possible from more than 20 offices in the Netherlands. Simon Loos is also specialised in Warehousing, for which purpose we have more than 85.000 sq. m. of storage space at our disposal. In addition, we provide every conceivable type of activity in the field of VAL (Value Added Logistics). Our head office is in Wognum (Province of Noord-Holland); more than 1.000 employees work here every day to achieve a high quality of service provision. Since its foundation, the organisation has always been owned by the family Loos, and in 2009 passed the baton from the 2nd to the 3rd generation.

Simon Loos provides high quality logistics services. In the field of transport, we distinguish Retail Distribution, Benelux Transport, Beverage Logistics, Bulk Transport and Container Transport. In addition we are specialised in Warehousing and we provide many types of Value Added Logistics. Our customers can also contact us for Logistics Planning and Logistics Consulting. We offer our services – if desired – 24/7 and 365 days a year.