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Simon-Kucher & Partners
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TopLine Power®. This is what Simon-Kucher is all about.

We help our clients grow their revenues and profits. Faster, better and more sustainably than anyone else. We do this by optimizing their monetization strategy, sales and marketing strategy, and product pricing strategy.

Why is pricing important?

At Simon-Kucher, we have over 30 years of experience in pricing strategy consulting and are creating top- and bottom-line growth strategies that deliver measurable results. A project with us increases our clients’ profitability by 100 to 500 basis points on average.

As a strategic pricing specialist, we are especially renowned for our pricing expertise. Whether you need new product pricing strategies or price optimization on existing solutions: With a wide range of different pricing techniques and pricing tools, we enable you to get the most out of monetizing your products. Or, as acclaimed Northwestern University marketing professor Philip Kotler says, “No one knows more about pricing than Simon-Kucher.”

Market leader in pricing 

Our solutions are made to last. That is easily said, but not so easily done in today’s dynamic business environment. The world has never been so dynamic, with digitalization unhinging established revenue models and urging everyone to rethink the way they market, price, promote and sell products and services. Thanks to our digital strategy consulting, we at Simon-Kucher are ahead of these developments, and our solutions prepare our clients for the digital era.

Moreover, our solutions have significant impact. We don’t stop after presenting an innovative concept, and we don’t hand over the implementation task to others. We make sure our solutions get implemented thoroughly, right from the beginning. Our teams support our clients throughout the entire transformation process and coordinate all parties to really bring the project results to life.

Monetizing innovation around the globe

Founded in Germany in 1985, Simon-Kucher today is a truly global strategy consultancy with more than 1,200 employees in 25 countries worldwide. All our associates are experts in strategy, marketing, innovative pricing or sales, and they also have profound industry knowledge. We work to the highest standards and ensure that all our solutions live up to them.

With closely intertwined global practices, we serve our clients seamlessly around the world. A Simon-Kucher project team supports the client with the same high standard of quality, anytime and anywhere, no matter the region of the world where our help is needed.