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About Kingcanary

We tell unique brand stories in unique brand events. Stories that resonate with the audience. That hit the sweet-spot of awe, emotion and personal relevance. Over the years we developed a keen sense of crowds. Whether a group of ten or a packed stadium, together or separated, in one day or over a period of time: we know how to get to them and take them on a journey. Beat by carefully planned beat. Clients appreciate our content-first mentality and robust in- house editorial team to design every element of the event to perfection. Content is our main focus and starting point for each event concept.

We work for a wide array of international clients such as KLM, Heineken, Nike, VimpelCom, Estée Lauder, Philips and Endemol. For them, we developed a kaleidoscope of events –PR events, Sales & Marketing Meetings, Leadership Meetings, Retailer Meetings, Award Shows, Sponsor Events and much more– throughout the world. From Moscow to Miami, from Dubai to San Francisco, we have a global partner network to deliver consistent quality.

How we work

We produce complete events or support on parts of it: event management, direction, catering and logistics, content production, graphic design, set design, and technical execution. With a rich history in television, we yearly produce and direct various large-scale public televised events.

This is where our focus on precise timing, fluid event direction, and care for details stems from. We use this background to produce tailor-made webcasts of corporate events. We know the difference between a live-audience and a viewer, which enables us to adapt the content for both audiences within one production.