B&S Group S.A.

B&S Group S.A.

Groothandel import en export
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Rue Strachen 14 L-6933 Mensdorf Luxemburg

Telefoon: (0)78 653 4100

E-mail: contact@bs-group-sa.com

Webshop: www.kingofreach.com

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B&S (EURONEXT BSGR) is a tech company in the consumer goods industry. With our ever growing international network and physical local presence, we bring suppliers, logistics partners, wholesalers, retailers and consumers all over the world together that are in many ways difficult to connect. We partner with the world’s premium consumer brands in beauty, liquors, personal care, food, health and consumer electronics to serve millions of consumers daily either directly or through our wholesaler and reseller partners. Powered by our high tech platform and arising from supply chain expertise, we provide sourcing, warehousing, distribution, digital commerce, marketing and brand development solutions that enhance choice, speed up delivery,